Among others, the following three innovations set us apart from other players on the market:

  1. Proprietary photobioreactor (PBR). Keeping in mind Leonardo da Vinci's principle “Simplicity is the Ultimate Sophistication,” we have built our own PBR. After conducting field experiments, we are certain of strong market advantages of our engineering.

    AFS PBR:
    • minimizes capital and operating costs of microalgae cultivation;
    • maximizes utilization of sunlight energy per acre of land;
    • is adoptable to most operating conditions and user parameters such as climate zones, intensity of light, microalgae strains (fresh and seawater), types and intensity of CO2 and nutrients intake;
    • leverages upon an innovative solution to temperature control and surface fouling.

  2. Proprietary harvesting system. AFS harvesting system developed as a result of the PBR design achieves at least 30% reduction of operating expenses for harvesting.

  3. Proprietary oil extraction system. Instead of drying microalgae and mechanically extracting oil, we developed a technology which allows us to extract oil from wet microalgae bypassing energy intensive (costly) drying.

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